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Rebecca Stone, LCSW, CHT

Brooklyn Somatic Therapy Founder, Clinical Director, and Psychotherapist

I am a psychotherapist, coach and trainer in New York City, having taught and facilitated workshops across the country to various audiences, including at Microsoft Headquarters, on emotional intelligence and business psychology, trauma first aid, and the psychology of groups. I have also spent time as a consultant and leadership coach to corporate and non-profit organizations.  I am trained in The Hakomi Method, Somatic Experiencing therapy, and Emotion-focused Couples therapy. I also currently serve as a teacher-in-training for The Hakomi Institute's comprehensive somatic psychotherapy training. Click here to read testimonials of people who have worked with me. 

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Claire Nitze, MA, LMSW


I am a Brooklyn-based mother of three, a former teacher, and a devoted learning support advocate who recently shifted from clinic-based psychotherapy to private practice with individuals.  I received my undergraduate degree from Duke University, an MA in Humanities and Social Thought from NYU, and an MS from Columbia University School of Social Work. My post-graduate training includes coursework in family systems theory, trauma-based experiential work with Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk from the Trauma Research Foundation at Boston University School of Medicine, and somatic experiential psychotherapeutic training in the Hakomi Method. In addition, I have facilitated workshops with Dr. Mark Brackett, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.  I am also a certified Pilates instructor who appreciates the connection between wellness of mind and body. Apart from my affiliations, I am a person who runs deep, and I bring to my work with clients an experienced, thoughtful, nuanced, and compassionate lens. 


Corinne Cappelletti, MFA, MHC


I am a somatic psychotherapist, trauma-informed yoga instructor, and somatic movement therapist who arrived in the field of mental health and yoga therapeutics by way of my background in dance. For over 13 years I have been leading circles; from women, to trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness classes, to domestic abuse and sex-trafficking survivors, and youth navigating homelessness. I led thematic walks across Brooklyn neighborhoods to discover the medicinal value of wild plants through dance, physiology, and observational experiments. Deeply inspired by the wisdom and cycles of nature, central to my ethos is a direct relationship with the earth, the body, compassionate listening, and ritual. 

I received clinical training at Brooklyn College’s Masters of Mental Health Counseling Program, including somatic experiential psychotherapeutic skills in Gestalt and Sensorimotor methods, and a year of psychoanalytic training from the Training Institute for Mental Health in NY, NY. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance from the University of Utah as well as a Bachelor of Arts in the Cross-Cultural Applications of the Creative Process from Goucher College; am trained as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor. As a Spiritual Herbalist apprentice, I hand-make herbal medicine for women’s health and ancestral healing, including postpartum formulas.