We have extensive organizational management experience and offer one-on-one professional development and leadership coaching for clients looking to focus on work-related goals.

Coaching my be the right fit for you if you are looking to:

·      Clarify personal and professional goals

·      Improve communication skills and navigate workplace conflict

·      Develop your negotiation and sales skills

·      Achieve a greater work/life balance

·      Start a new business or grow a current business

In coaching with us, we will:

·      Identify the mindset blocks holding you back from achieving the success you want

·      Practice new behaviors and ways of being

·      Develop action plans to help you achieve your goals


Sometimes the “client” is not an individual person but an entire organization or group. We specialize in helping companies and NGOs create work cultures based in emotional intelligence and honest communication. The result: a happier, more inspired workforce reaching new levels of effectiveness and productivity.

Examples of experiential workshops we offer are:

  • The Elephant in the Room: Experiential Inquiry into the Psychology of Money and Asking for It

  • The Wisdom of the Body: Improved Decision-Making Through Somatic Awareness

  • Building Resilience: Training the Nervous System to Tolerate Adversity

  • EQ Skill-Building: Experiential Practice in Attuned and Empathic Communication

  • Managing Up: Building the Best Working Relationship with your Boss

For more information on trainings and workshops, email rebecca@brooklynsomatictherapy.com with a brief description of your organization and the issues you would like to address. We can customize a program for your group based on your unique needs.