A Different Kind of Psychotherapy

Have you tried therapy before – but found that it didn’t quite work for you?

Maybe you stayed with one therapist for too long and never saw the results you were looking for. Or maybe you found that “just talking” about your problems wasn’t moving you toward the change you were hoping to make.

I blend somatic and mindfulness-based psychotherapy with goal-oriented work, providing an atmosphere of trust, safety, and deep care. Whether you're looking to transform your relationship or self in individual or couples therapy, we can break through old barriers and arrive at the satisfaction you deserve.

My clients are often surprised by how powerful and transformative our sessions feel from the very beginning. Often they remark that they have been to therapy before (often for years) and are amazed at how fast and deeply they are accessing new insight and emotion. While we work fast, I create a container of deep safety and spaciousness. 

If you are interested in Couples Therapy, click here to read more. 

Success in therapy is all about finding the right fit. My approach works best if you are:

  • dissatisfied with the status quo in your life

  • willing to take chances and learn deeply about yourself

  • hungry for new possibilities of living and loving

  • interested in trying therapy that "looks and feels" different, with experiential and somatic techniques that work faster and deeper than traditional therapy models

My passion is in helping people break through barriers to satisfaction that arise in every part of life: work, love, and play.