Psychotherapy Testimonials:

“Working with Rebecca is like getting to be in the presence of the most accepting, kind, thoughtful and intuitive angel that's come down from on high--just to be with you. I found her style of working to be profound, both in the WAY she facilitates and WHAT she facilitates.  She is a gentle guide helping you experience and re-experience the truth of who you are, and perhaps who you want to become in the safest of spaces.  It feels like she is walking you home, toward yourself.  Regardless of how hard that road gets, she's there to listen deeply and guide with expertise.  Her ability to arrive with you to whatever moment you are in feels like a lesson itself in agility, grace and pure attentiveness.  I experienced a deeply holistic sense of care; learning experientially in my body, in my mind, my heart and my spirit.  Rebecca is interested and able in caring for all of those pieces, making the therapy process feel like it's resonating deeply AND wholly so you can completely integrate what you're experiencing in the day to day--without feeling like you have to cut off any parts of yourself. I came to therapy very unsure if it was right for me, and Rebecca's generosity and care immediately made me feel like I could open up, be heard and get an opportunity to explore and nurture parts of myself that I never quite knew how to look at. I can't recommend Rebecca highly enough.  Whatever journey you are on, it would be invaluable to have her helping you process and grow.” - E.

“If Rebecca hadn’t come into my life I likely would have struggled more over the past few years than I have. While there is no magic, and difficulties will always arise, I now feel as though I have a toolkit to address challenges that come my way and an understanding of myself that will guide me in many of my future interactions. She has given me both the language and confidence to unabashedly yet gently advocate for myself. I feel immensely grateful for all that I have learned from Rebecca.” - R.

“Getting to meet and work with Rebecca has been one of the great gifts of the year. Her ability to listen deeply and guide me is truly cracking me open, offering new space in which to know myself better. Honestly, I think that could be one definition of real magic.” - S.

“I came to Rebecca during a summer when I felt really low. I felt out of control and had limited understanding of why I felt how I did and what could possibly change. I was hesitant that I needed anything from anyone – especially not a mental health professional, and I’ll admit that I was extremely wary at first of her ability to impact me in any substantive way.  In my first few sessions I was in awe at how gentle she was and how comfortable I immediately felt with her. With kindness and grace Rebecca led me through a journey of beginning to understand myself.  I felt like I was coming alive again. Not only was she able to bring out energy from within me, but she set me on a path of thinking and learning about the patterns of my life. She learned about my life not by pressing but by listening, slowly stringing together themes of behavior or ways of speaking that I had never noticed about myself. It very quickly became clear to me that Rebecca is not only engaged and thoughtful but a brilliant interpreter of the people around her. As I continued to tell her about my life, it felt as if she truly understood the characters and dynamics in my narrative. She spoke with compassion and understanding, suggesting connections that made me slowly begin to understand many of the relationships I have had over the years in a different way than ever before. While I was often amazed by Rebecca’s insight, it was the sense of calm I felt after each session that made me feel so connected to her. I was able to relax and tap into a part of myself that I have often craved. While I feel deeply personally connected to Rebecca, her professionalism has always impressed me.  Despite being open and loving, she has always maintained a distance that allows me to feel confident in her confidentiality. I have always felt that Rebecca is driven by what is best for me, even at the expense of losing my business”.  - J.